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Marketing Magic

Most web site platforms have good technical functionality, but few marketing options!

Unfortunately, a lot of ecommerce companies spend a fortune on the latest technology only to find it entertains customers, but fails to generate sales. Our design strategy incorporates a high level of selling techniques into every facet of our web site platform. Marketers and merchandisers love the flexibility they have at their fingertips. Managers are thrilled with the higher conversion results.

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Promotion Awareness

WE showcase your major selling points

Often simply offering shoppers a compelling reason to buy is the marketing magic that leads to a sale. On our platform, your calls-to-action, promotions, and urgent reminders are prominently displayed to increase their effectiveness.

  • Full banner control
  • Rotating Banners with controls
  • Recently Viewed/Related Items/"Customers Also Bought"
  • Top/Best Sellers (static/dynamic)
  • Sale-of-the-day Banner
  • Clearance Items Banner
  • Multiple discounts or 1 discount per order
  • Email/catalog signup offer
  • Send to a friend
  • Save Cart
  • Abandon cart integration (3rd party)
  • Cart starter (free gift for anyone who visits)

Offer Options

WE give you more opportunities to generate sales

Imaginative marketers want a web site that will support a wide variety of offers and promotions. We are constantly adding new functionality to meet their marketing magic needs. Our current options include:

  • Straight Discount (percent or dollar amount)
  • Buy n amount of product X and get a discount
  • Free Gift
  • Free Shipping
  • Tiered discounts (any combination of above options)
  • Time (start and end dates)
  • Minimum purchase
  • Product exclusions (e.g. clearance items)
  • Referrer (e.g. coming from Google adwords or email only)
  • Coupon code requirements