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About Us

Who we are and how we work


Whirlwind began in 1999 as the brainchild of two seasoned internet developers, one from the private sector developing eCommerce platforms, one from the public developing eGovernment and Custom Content Manegement solutions. Before submersing themselves into the internet world, the founders were deeply rooted in the brick and morter retail sales, marketing and technology environments. The culmination of these skill sets resulted in the beginning of a new kind of turnkey, point-of-sale / call center integrated eCommerce engine built based on proven marketing and merchandising practices. These are the roots of what is now the Whirlwind eCommerce Engine.

Through years of developing groundbreaking eCommerce solutions, Whirlwind found itself working hand in hand with industry recognized online and offline marketing / merchandising experts. Whirlwind utilized the knowledge gained form these experiences to cement the current website model which, together with our eCommerce engine, provides an unmatched foundation resulting in the success of our clients online endeavors.

Why it works

Throughout the development of our eCommerce engine, website model and client relationships, we approach every decision by asking ourselves two fundimental questions:

  • How can we make it easier for our client's target market to buy more from our client's web site
  • How can we make it easier for our client to sell to thier target market via the web site

What we delivery to our clients exudes these fundimental principals. From how simple it is to: modify web site content, create, market and merchandise products, promote to and attract customers; to how ergonomically and naturally the web site brings the customer in from the internet cloud, to the website to the products they want, to more products in the cart, through the checkout, back again to purchase more and bringing colleagues with them.

The most intimate details of the how the website presents itself to visitors, from home page to navigation to search to purchase process, are obsessed over by us. These details are tested, improved, tested, improved and retested constantly to optimize the shopping experience for the visitor, and the purchases for the website owner.

How we Work

We provide a multitude of services, from basic licensing of the engine, to full service discovery, design, development, integration, launch and support - and all the a-la-cart services in between. This gives you the opportunity to maximize the resources you may already have available at your company, and leave the rest to us.

It all begins with a phone call

Call us now at 888.344.3836 or request a quote