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Breyer Horses Case Study

For generations, Breyer has consistently maintained its position as the premiere brand of horse models and collectibles, with an unmatched commitment to authenticity, quality and realism, continuing a legacy that began in 1950 and is just as relevant today. Breyer is committed to fulfilling its promise to fans of horses everywhere: with Breyer, you truly have a horse of your very own.

Project overview

Provide a fresh, visually oriented ecommerce solution tightly integrated with components capable of serving and supporting the Breyer community, clubs, events and retailers



Address an almost cult-like following of adults hobbyists and children obsessed with the Breyer product. Provide community, membership and event tools that facilitate inter-member communication, product excitement and a feeling of belongingness and inclusion.

High Traffic

Provide a platform capable of handling enormous traffic spikes around 'flash' sales and limited release products. These promotions often resulted in 1000s of visitors simultaneously carting the same product against a real-time inventory system.


Evaluate best-of-breed community solutions for successful member-based community systems. Discovery, use case and wireframe the objective. Implement the solution first by limited testing, then extending to the full community once proven.

Build a targeted caching solution combined with a scalable, high-capacity architecture capable of serving a significant volume of content while handling real-time read/writes to the shopping cart database.



A fully featured, visually appealing, dynamic web site combining the best of community, ecommerce and membership capabilities.


Membership and community participation activity was significant.


Flash sales produced huge transaction volume in short periods of time by instilling a sense of urgency and inclusion.


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