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PlantBar Case Study

PlantBar is an experienced based terrarium workshop and premium plant store. They combine plant-based activities, products and environments that bring people together in a way that inspires connection and creativity. PlantBar has multiple retail locations in VA, NC.

Project overview

Plantbar needed a complete web site rebuild including a fast, relevant and responsive design. Plant bar needed seamless inventory integration with it's FL warehouse CIN7 inventory management system and BOPIS (Buy Online Pickup In Store) implemented for each of its retail locations located in VA and NC.



Buy Online Pickup In Store implemented in an intuitive, easily understandable customer-facing process, tightly integrated with each retail location's fulfillment process and governed by individual store inventory.

Catalog Navigation

Product navigation to reduce clicks to target products, reduce exit rate and increase conversion rate


For BOPIS we began by identifying off-the-shelf solutions currently available. We qualified each solution based on client requirements and customer usability. The finalists were demonstrated to the client using live data to evaluate both the customer purchase process and the fulfillment process. After installing, configuration, testing and verifying the winning app, we worked with the client to product a documented fulfillment process incorporating online and offline procedures for fulfilling BOPIS orders.

The product navigation process considered several off-the-shelf and custom possibilities. Best of breed solutions and client requirements were evaluated against existing apps. Vendor discussions were held to verify requirements and dig into the nitty gritty details. Finalists were demonstrated to the client using live data. After the winning app was implemented we worked with the client to populate collection and filter data then tested the results against the original requirements.




A seamless Buy Online Pickup In Store process that was not only successfully handled a flash promotion on the first night following site launch.

Catalog Navigation

A product navigation process that resulted in a 6.2% conversion rate on the first night of site launch.

Client feedback

Exceptional. Whirlwind listened to us! We've rebuilt our website 3 times and our experience with Whirlwind was by far the most painless and rewarding. Whirlwind made this process easy. We needed a total face-lift, multi location inventory management, BOPIS (Buy online pickup in store) for our retail outlets and a host of additional features and functionality that we thought would be a challenge. Whirlwind addressed them all as if it were a walk in the park. Whirlwind exceeded expectations on all accounts. We are locking Whirlwind in as a permanent extension of our team moving forward.

Ted D, PlantBar

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